Why An Ethanol Fireplace?

Green & Clean

Our ethanol fireplaces do not produce deadly carbon monoxide, only steam, carbon dioxide and, of course, heat! This means that unlike gas fueled and wood fireplaces, ethanol fireplaces have no need for expensive flues and venting systems. Wood fireplaces also produce produce solid pollutants, such as ash and solid particles whereas ethanol is smokeless, odourless and colourless.

Ethanol has much smaller carbon footprint than other heating optionsElectricity operated heaters are generally energy intensive and, in Australia, the electricity used is typically generated by burning coal - an extremely dirty source!

In Australia ethanol is typically a by product of sugar refining in Australia, so the fuel is a renewable resource and does not use up food sources such as corn.

Cost Effective

As no flue or plumbing is required for ethanol fireplaces installation of wall inserts can be thousands of dollars cheaper and other model effectively free! Other fireplaces can lose huge amounts of heat through flues whereas ethanol fireplaces keep 100% of heat produced trapped in the home which mean less costly waste! Our free standing fireplaces can moveeasily to any location, with remote controlled version only limited by the location of power points.


At Enviroflames, we certainly care about safety. All heating devices, not just ethanol fireplaces, need to be operated with due care and only by those who have read and understand the operating instructions. The installation should follow the provided instructions and where required adhere to local building codes.

Fortunately, ethanol fireplaces are easy to use and operate. They are also easy to install. All wall mounted units need to be installed on non-combustible surfaces using the mount brackets and following the instructions provided! The only fuel you can use is denatured Ethanol which is also known as methylated spirits in Australia (note, the label must say either burner fuel or stove fuel).

Remote Controlled Fireplaces
The remote control range of ethanol fireplaces have many safety features built into their design.
  • Remote control activation - ignite or shut off the fireplace with confidence
  • CO2 sensing - automatic cut off if CO2 levels in a room reach a threshold level
  • Automatic tilt or topple shutoff
  • Heat sensor - for prevention of tank lid opening if too hot
  • Runs on only 12V with controlled spark ignition, for safer operation!
  • Can be integrated into a smart home systems
  • Tested and listed by O-T L (to UL Standards), CE, PCT & TUV Rhineland tested & certified
  • No appropriate certification or standards exist in Australia for ethanol fireplaces at this time

Planika Fireline Automatic Ethanol Burner (Remote Controlled) in a Planika basic casing / insert

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