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Planika Fire Line Automatic ethanol burners

Planika Fireline Automatic electronic "Burn Ethanol Vapor" burners include:
  • The FLA II
  • The FLA990e
  • The PrimeFire Pro
...and introducing
  • The FLA 3 (3rd generation model)!
Other models include:
  • the HotBox (with ceramic logs)
  • the Wallfire
Standard Models:
  • FLA II 990 with a flame length of 800mm
  • FLA3 1190 with a 1000mm flame length
  • FLA990e with a 786mm flame length

Made to order models!
Select the FLA3, FLA II, of the FLA Slim models in custom sized lengths including 1290mm, 1780mm, or 2000mm...

Multiple burner connections, on request, can be accommodated.

Planika Automatic Ethanol Fireplaces - Stylish, green & efficient!

Fire Line Automatic by Planika are versatile, linear burners that are safe, electronically operated and can be remote controlled (FLA II) or smart phone/tablet remotely operated (FLA 3). Flexible installations include wall-mounting/ recessing, set into a shelf or installed as a free-standing fireplace.

The Fire Line Automatic are UL compliant, CE certified and C- Tick for Australian electrical standards. The FLA II and FLA 3 appliances are fully automatic. The FLA 3 has an LCD display - operated by your smart phone or tablet mobile device, such as your iPAD with 4 level flame regulation.

The burners are made of stainless, acid proof steel with a powder coated base. Or, chose your favourite colour for the top plate from Planika's colour palette! Enquire now.

The Fireline Automatic uses the Burn Ethanol Vapour (BEV) technology which optimizes the combustion process - so no smell! The Planika Fire Line Automatic is the safest, most universal, and user friendly fireplace on the market.

The appliance is shock-proof and CO2 sensitive and will react to any seismic activity, movement or higher CO2 concentration in a room. The fire is extinguished automatically if any irregularities are detected. Burning times depend on ambient parameters and burner length. You can achieve well over ten hours.

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