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Enviroflames - Stylish, green & efficient

No Smoke. No Smell. No Flue.

Enviroflames brings you the unique Planika 'Fireline Automatic' electronic & remote controlled ethanol fireplace - using patented vapor only burning technology and built-in safety features.

Planika's electronically controlled, remote controlled fireplaces are the only such fireplaces that can be integrated with your Smart Home System as well as offer a range of safety features that just do not exist with manual fireplaces. These include a remote controlled start / stop, and flame regulation. Planika offer unrivalled safety features, sophistication and ease of use and importantly a product to suit almost any fireplace need.

You've always wanted a real natural flame fireplace that adds a romantic atmosphere, but there have been too many constraints on installing one. These stylish fireplaces meet your requirements for aesthetics, design, Enviro-sustainability and of course provide the warmth and beauty of a natural flame.

We focus on safety, aesthetics and functionality. The range of choice with the Planika Fireline Automatic is unrivaled. What about an L shaped burner option? Enviroflames can deliver you a size to suit your requirements ranging from a 40cm flame to 123cm flame length - or add multiple units together to achieve any length flame - and operate from the one remote!

What other ethanol fireplace has an anti-tilt 'instant' flame cut off feature? Only Planika!

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Why Enviroflames?
Ethanol fireplaces look great and give unrivalled impact.
No carbon monoxide, sulphur or nitrous oxides produced. Remote Control versions have a range of inbuilt safety features.
Remote Controlled
Remote controlled fireplaces can be completely controlled with the touch of a button
Ethanol is an efficient burning, renewable bio fuel
With no need for flue all the heat is trapped in the home.
Low cost
Simple installation. No need for an expensive flue or plumbing.

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